How will my credits be maintained for renewing my credential?
If you are currently a member of ASA, your credits will be maintained as usual through AST, but as an ASA member. There is no charge for archiving and transferring them to the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting for renewal of your surgical first assisting credential.

Can I still belong to AST and not join ASA?
Any surgical assistant who wishes to remain an AST member and not join ASA, is welcomed. Your credits will be maintained as usual.

What if I am a CST and CSFA, do I need to belong to both organizations to renew both credentials?
If you join ASA, your CST credential will automatically renew when  you renew your CSFA credential.

If I am a CSA, can I run for an ASA office?
Yes, according to the proposed ASA Bylaws, all active ASA members (CSFAs, CSAs) are eligible to run for office or serve on committees.

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