ASA Elected offices

The Association of Surgical Assistants is run by the ASA Board of Directors. Officers on the board are elected by members to serve two-year terms. Meet the current Board of Directors.

ASA depends upon the expertise of members to meet the goals of our Strategic Plan. You have the ability to be involved and to be an influential voice in issues related to achieving the mission and vision of ASA. Willingness to serve on the ASA Board of Directors and become involved with its committees, work groups, projects and events is your first step in beginning your journey to personal and professional fulfillment.


The President is the official representative of the association and is responsible, in partnership with the Board of Directors, for the organization’s activities. The President presides at all meeting, works with the Vice President to determine appointments to standing committees (with approval from the Board), maintains dialogue with other professional organizations and serves as an ex-officio member on all committees.

Vice President

The Vice President actively aids the President and performs the duties of the President when required. The Vice President assists the President with orientation of new officers and committee members, consults with the President regarding the termination of committee appointments and provides assistance in finding replacements, and recognizes outstanding achievements among members and supporters.


The Treasurer is responsible for the collection, disbursement, protection and accounting of association funds under the guidance of the Board of Directors.


The Secretary records the proceedings of the Board of Directors and House of Delegates. The Secretary furnishes a copy of the Board meeting minutes, ensures that the Minutes Readers Committee reviews the minutes of the House of Delegates meetings, assists with writing motions concerning the intent of the Board of Directors, presents an oral report to the House of Delegates and serves as the chair of the Policy and Procedures Committee.

Board of Directors

The ASA Board of Directors includes the four national officers and five elected Directors. The Board transacts business on behalf of the organization in between annual meetings, formulates policies and procedures for the organization, establishes standing committees, reviews committee reports and enacts responses.

If you are interested in running for a position on the ASA Board of Directors, please complete the Officer Consent to Serve packet to become a candidate. Or, find more information about other ASA Volunteer Opportunities.