April 2018

Published Quarterly by the Association of Surgical Assistants © 2018 Association of Surgical Assistants. All rights reserved. The Surgical Assistant It is my pleasure to report to you that the state of the Association of Surgical Assistants is strong and thriv- ing. Over the past year our membership has remained strong and is flourishing. Membership current- ly stands at 1,507 ver- sus 1,377 one year ago. Over the last year, ASA has been work- ing with other organizations whose missions affect the role of the surgical assistant. Much has been done with- in ASA to become structurally sound and moving toward more fundamental operational strategies. I would like to inform you of some ASA accomplishments and achieve- ments since last May’s annual report. Elections ASA held its third cycle of elections for national offi- cers—president, vice president, treasur- er and two Board of Director positions. This was the third election cycle held online in order to reach a broader audi- ence. The Candidates Handbook was refined and utilized as a template of information for candi- date activities. The information pro- vides all candidates with a starting block of how-to guidelines that are especially important for an audience whose members are new to organiza- tional culture. Because ASA is now working within the digital elective environment, we again required and utilized candidate videos. Each can- didate was required to provide their VOL. 24, NO. 2 SPRING 2018 Inside: Association of Surgical Assistants Annual Report 1–3 Summer Orthopedic Boot Camp 4 ASSOCIATION OF SURGICAL ASSISTANTS ANNUAL REPORT GREG SALMON, CSFA, ASA PRESIDENT