American Board of Surgical Assistants (SA-C)
Each Surgical Assistant – Certified, is required to acquire 80 recertification points in a two-year period. He or she must submit a professional activity report every two years. Recertification forms are mailed approximately six months prior to certification expiration. The appropriate filing fee must accompany this report.

Each Surgical Assistant – Certified, must have assisted on a minimum of 400 clinical surgical procedures or 1,500 clinical surgical hours, every two years, in the role of a first assistant. This documentation must be submitted with the professional activity report.

Recertification is granted provided each and all point requirements are fulfilled, with documentation and appropriate filing fees received, on time.

The following is a partial listing of point allocations and documentation that can be used for recertification, without examination.  Each ABSA, Surgical Assistant – Certified must obtain a minimum of 40 points each year, for recertification.  

Documentation of Activities

Each individual is responsible for providing written documentation of their professional activity.  Credit will not be awarded for activities not properly documented.  Documentation procedures are outlined below: 

A.   Major medical meetings may be documented by registration receipts or a copy of the
       meeting program.

B.  Local meetings or seminars must list dates, times and topics.

C.  Copies of the program showing the topic and the presenters must document

D. Publications authored must be documented by full reference to the journal or book. 

Recertification Point Allocations 

Points are assigned on a per contact hour basis.  Below is a partial listing of categories and points allocated. 

Category                                                                                Maximum points / year 

Attendance at a national medical meeting                              20 pt. / yr. 

Attendance at regional medical meetings, seminars               10 pt. / yr.

or hospital based conferences 

Publication in a professional journal or proceedings               20 pt. / yr.

Presentation at a national or regional medical meeting          15 pt. / yr.

 Presentation at hospital seminar or conference                      5 pt. / yr.

 Listening to or viewing a medical audio-visual aide            6 pt. / yr.

 Reading professional journals (must list volume and issues)        6 pt. / yr.

 First Assisting on 400 clinical cases or                                  25 pt. / yr.
 1,500 clinical hours,  per two-year  period (Required)                                                                            

 ACLS, PALS or CPR certification  (Required)                       4 pt. / yr                                                                   .

SA-C Recertification Application. Click here.

National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (CSFA)
NBSTSA renews certification every four years. The date certification expires is printed clearly on the card and certificate. 

Individuals renewing certification, before their expiration date, must submit the CST or CFA renewal application to NBSTSA and pay the established recertification fee. Upon satisfying renewal requirements, NBSTSA recertifies the individual and issues a new certification card and certificate.  

Individuals can use the following methods to renew certification:

  • Retake and pass the national certifying examination
  • Earn and submit continuing education credits ( minimum 75).

Click here  for the CSFA renewal application.

 Please remember renewing your credential is a two-step process: 1) submit CE credits to AST and 2) submit the appropriate renewal form to the NBSTSA with the renewal fee. If you have any questions please contact
AST (800-637-7433 or www.ast.org) or NBSTSA (800-707-0057).

National Surgical Assistant Association (CSA)
Each Surgical Assistant who has been certified by NSAA is required to recertify every two years. The recertification, period begins upon successful completion of the CSA examination. In order to qualify for recertification, a total of 50 CEUs are required over a two-year period. These CEUs may be earned in the following ways:

  1. The Annual Conference sponsored by the NSAA offers CEUs. Those in attendance will receive credit toward their recertification.
  2. Attendance at organized surgical and/or medical conferences, lectures, or job related in-services within a hospital or other setting will earn one CEU per clock hour of attendance. Staff meetings do not constitute Continuing Education Units. Attendance must be verified by the supervisor/manager in charge of the conference, lecture, or in-service. CEUs must be dated and signed by a supervisor or an education director.
  3. College or university courses in medicine, the sciences or other job-related studies will receive two CEUs for each credit hour completed. A college home study course, where credit hours are awarded for completion, will be given for two CEUs for each credit hour completed. For those who are working toward a degree in medicine or nursing or any other job related field, two CEUs for courses needed to complete the degree will be awarded, (ie) English, foreign language, etc. You must submit documentation for credits.
  4. Those who are involved in teaching of medically related subjects, may earn one CEU in the following manner: one CEU per clock hour will be awarded for teaching and/or lecturing in a medically related subject. A maximum of three CEUs per subject taught per semester will be allowed. Precise documentation and verification must be submitted in order to be granted these units.
  5. Any other medical education experiences, permitted not included in the above categories, will be considered on an individual basis. Any such request for special consideration must be submitted with appropriate documentation.
  6. CPR certification will be awarded 5 CEUs.
  7. Certificates are issued upon submission of the required 50 CEUs and on your re-certification date.

All CEUs (50) must be earned within the two year recertification period. If a Certified Assistant is unable to submit the required 50 CEUs, he or she must submit a written request for an extension to the Board of Directors. THIS MUST BE DONE PRIOR TO THE END OF THE TWO-YEAR PERIOD. A maximum of 25 CEUs may be carried over to the next re-certification period.

The Committee Chair will review the request, and if granted, will extend the period for 60 days. Only CEUs earned and documented during the two-year period will be accepted. NO NEW CEU INFORMATION WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR AN EXTENSION.

The new re-certification period begins at the end of the previous period, NOT AT THE END OF THE EXTENSION GRANTED.

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